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PAUSE Ministries

  • Are you a man who’s lost, struggling or feels like your life has gotten away from you?

  • Do you need help but don’t know how to ask for it or where to turn?

  • Are you looking to restore your life, marriage, family?

It’s time to “PAUSE”

PAUSE Ministries is here to help. Whether you’re coping with a specific life issue or just feel lost in life and know you can do better, we’ll help you hit the “Pause” button and take the time to reflect on God and life.

A safe place

PAUSE offers encouragement and hope as you seek to align your faith walk with your life walk. We don’t judge or preach. We help you move from the darkness into the light, taking your life back and getting on a path towards greater fulfillment and spirituality.

Accept God’s love

In return, you commit to moving forward on a path towards a Christ-centered life; one that includes fellowship, accountability, spiritual discipline and balance.

Are you ready to “PAUSE”?